More Blacklist Issues with 1&1 Internet

For months now I have been struggling with 1&1 support trying to deal with their servers constantly being on blacklists and having mail from my domains (including customers domains that I host) being bounced back for being considered a spammer. That is never nice to see and quite frankly just doesn’t look good when you are talking about business to business communications. It’s also a large waste of time all around trying to get it resolved and removed from the said blacklist quickly so that emailing can continue.

Today was even more impressive. I got an email from a customer trying to email a address and once again – 1&1 mail servers are blacklisted. Now usually it has been smaller ISP’s or company’s using some other low end blacklists but come on; this is freaking, and That is a ton of people rejecting all email from every domain hosted by 1&1 Internet!

Of course I called up 1&1 Technical Support and got some per-recorded message about their being major issues with email services and their engineers are working on it but I reluctantly stayed on the line to talk to someone. As expected I couldn’t really get anywhere with the conversation but in the end I guess it felt good to once again vent my frustration about this continuing blacklist issue as I have done quite a few times in the past months.

1&1 Support on Twitter is also confirming the issue:

The strange thing about this is running a blacklist check on the 1&1 mail server IP addresses ( & does show they are indeed on multiple blacklists (as usual) but SpamCop is not listed as one of them so now I am not sure if Microsoft uses SpamCop for their filtering or not. I would think not after what I am seeing but I can’t seem to find out any solid information online of who they are using.

I guess just another day with 1&1 blacklisting. We’ll see how long it takes to get this one all fixed up.

3 thoughts on “More Blacklist Issues with 1&1 Internet

  1. Anonymous

    I am so a 1&1 customer and our business communications are being disrupted by the 1&1 email servers being blacklisted. Our repeated I queries to 1&1 have yielded nothing. They said that once they request removal from the blacklists it is out of their hands. If this goes on for one more week we are moving to Microsoft 365 for our exchange accounts and GoDaddy or some other ISP for the rest. Ridiculous!

  2. Joshua Post author

    I hear ya. I’ve been with them for years and every year their support gets worse and worse it seems. I have been going back and forth with them for months on these blacklisting issues and it just never get anywhere.

    Even if they do submit the removal request there seems to be so much spam coming from their servers that in many cases it just goes right back on the same blacklist within a few hours. They really need to figure out how to manage the email coming from their servers.

  3. Scott B

    Having the same problem with 1and1. About ready to tear my hair out. I’d jump to Office365 but I’m wondering if they could potentially have the same problem. If somebody gets a virus and squirts out a bunch of spam from a 365 server who’s to say that the spam cops won’t blacklist it?

    If anybody make the jump I’d love to hear about it.

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