More Blacklist Issues with 1&1 Internet

For months now I have been struggling with 1&1 support trying to deal with their servers constantly being on blacklists and having mail from my domains (including customers domains that I host) being bounced back for being considered a spammer. That is never nice to see and quite frankly just doesn’t look good when you are talking about business to business communications. It’s also a large waste of time all around trying to get it resolved and removed from the said blacklist quickly so that emailing can continue.

Today was even more impressive. I got an email from a customer trying to email a address and once again – 1&1 mail servers are blacklisted. Now usually it has been smaller ISP’s or company’s using some other low end blacklists but come on; this is freaking, and That is a ton of people rejecting all email from every domain hosted by 1&1 Internet!

Of course I called up 1&1 Technical Support and got some per-recorded message about their being major issues with email services and their engineers are working on it but I reluctantly stayed on the line to talk to someone. As expected I couldn’t really get anywhere with the conversation but in the end I guess it felt good to once again vent my frustration about this continuing blacklist issue as I have done quite a few times in the past months.

1&1 Support on Twitter is also confirming the issue:

The strange thing about this is running a blacklist check on the 1&1 mail server IP addresses ( & does show they are indeed on multiple blacklists (as usual) but SpamCop is not listed as one of them so now I am not sure if Microsoft uses SpamCop for their filtering or not. I would think not after what I am seeing but I can’t seem to find out any solid information online of who they are using.

I guess just another day with 1&1 blacklisting. We’ll see how long it takes to get this one all fixed up.